Ohio wants to eliminate prop betting in college sports

To protect college athletes from online harassment and maintain the integrity of college sports, Ohio Governor Mike DeWinealong with NCAA President Charlie Bakerhas expressed support for a proposed change to the state’s sports betting rules.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) I recently submitted an application to the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) Pushing to Ban Player-Specific Suggestion Bets in College Athletics Competitions, Reports The Columbus Dispatch. This move is aimed at curbing the spread of social media threats against college athletes, which are becoming increasingly common.

Governor DeWine emphasized the need to protect student-athletes from unnecessary threats and explained that the focus should be on team betting and not on individual player performance. He highlighted the disturbing trend of bad actors behaving in unacceptable ways and making threats against student-athletes both in Ohio and across the country.

Echoing DeWine’s sentiments: NCAA President Charlie Baker underscored the risks posed by individual bets, emphasizing that such bets increase the vulnerability of student-athletes and threaten the integrity of collegiate competitions. Baker praised DeWine for acting quickly to address these concerns while responsibly regulating Ohio’s growing sports betting industry.

Ohio stakeholders support NCAA actions to protect student-athletes

Among the proposed changesBettors would no longer be allowed to bet on the performances of individual players at college sporting events.

However, they would still do it retain the ability to bet on total results, final results and other team based bets. It should be noted that professional sports competitions remain unaffected by these changes.

The proposed changes have garnered support from various stakeholders within the Ohio collegiate sports community. University officials, including Gene Smith, Ohio State athletic director And Neil Sullivan, vice president of the University of Daytonhave expressed their support for the initiative and emphasized the importance of protecting student-athletes from abuse and threats.

In response to the increasing challenges posed by sports betting, the NCAA has begun several initiatives The aim is to educate athletes and monitor online activity in order to immediately identify and combat threats. Additionally, the association has revised its penalties to ensure that student-athletes are not unduly penalized for minor betting violations.

With the start of the public comment period Sports betting company will have the opportunity to do so give feedback on the proposed rule changes before Ohio Casino Control Commission makes his decision. The outcome of this consultation is likely to have a significant impact on the future of sports betting regulations in Ohio, particularly as it relates to collegiate athletics.

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